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A better user experience

Define the look and feel of your intranet with hand-crafted themes. Pick one that reflects your company brand from our themes gallery. Fully customizable.

Bring data to life

Transform basic data and enrich your intranet with web parts. The possibilities are endless. Tiles, News, Announcements, Corporate Directory even your local weather.

Richly designed. No coding

Clutch - a powerful new desktop app that deploys and provisions your intranet, including themes, web parts and templates automatically, in minutes.


A unified experience - content and design

BindTuning products are at the heart of a user-focused experience that is responsive and adaptable, keeping people engaged and productive.

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Web Parts

Transform the way you collaborate

Create an intranet that makes it easier to find important information - one that allows your colleagues to work together and stimulates engagement.

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From static to dynamic

BindTuning software helps make your intranet more responsive, customizable and easy to use. Design an intranet that meets your needs and keeps your business competitive.

  • Reflects your corporate brand
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly experience
  • Consistent UX across your enterprise
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Cost effective and quick to deploy

Clutch Provisioning Engine Desktop App

Rapid deployment and rollout

Create the intranet your employees deserve. Deploy, maintain and update enterprise-wide sites with ease. Dive right in, with web parts and themes for full customization or discover ready-made templates tailored to industry. Now that’s Clutch!

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