Drive user-adoption

Show the content that matters to each employee. Personalize interactions and engage them at every task.

Spark collaboration

A connected intranet makes teamwork easy. Allow employees to seamlessly collaborate outside of and across the organization.

Improve productivity

Help employees spend less time figuring out how to do things inside the company's intranet and more time actually doing them.

Brand > Themes

An intranet that reflects your corporate brand

Change every detail and customize everything. Fulfill even the most demanding branding needs and engage employees with an intranet that is tailored to your brand.

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BindTuning Themes section
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Build > Web Parts

For enhanced user experience

Create enjoyable experiences, with familiar and simple user interfaces that make every task straightforward. Help employees get more things done, faster.

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Deploy > Clutch

Easy to deploy and manage, even at the largest scale

Launch your digital workplace in a single click. Eliminate the need to handle each intranet environment individually and free your teams from developer dependence to update content.

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What makes BindTuning the best choice for your intranet?

With the most feature-rich products in the industry, BindTuning gives you all the tools you need to transform any intranet into an essential part of the company's day-to-day.

  • 75% cost savings for your business
  • A true time-saver for Admins
  • No-code solutions
  • New updates released on a regular basis
  • Ready for the most recent versions of Office 365 and SharePoint (Modern and Classic)
  • A support team that is always there

Companies from every industry are choosing BindTuning to transform their intranet

100,0000 users worldwide are now accessing the company's intranet on a daily basis to collaborate, engage and connect.

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