Education continuity through collaborative learning

Take Office 365 for education to a new level with digital workplace tools that meet the needs of students, educators, and staff.

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Bring your digital campus to life

  • Allow users to collaborate and add content directly for themselves.
  • Design without limits. Build an accessible space, loaded with features.
  • Drive student engagement at scale across your school and school district.
An engaging, digital campus

An engaging, digital campus

Design a professional school SharePoint intranet that reflects your school brand.

Exciting user experiences

Exciting user experiences

Create consistent digital classrooms that keep teachers and students engaged.

Microsoft Teams deployed at-scale

Microsoft Teams deployed at-scale

Clone classrooms with content, in record time, across your school and school districts.

For users of all abilities​

For users of all abilities​

Leave no student behind with accessibility for all, beyond what is available out-of-the-box.

Workspaces for every school

Run at-scale deployments "automagically", at one time. Pull in external student data using Microsoft School Data Sync and selected Azure Active Directory groups.

Microsoft Teams

Channels, apps, content, are all pre-configured and ready to use. Any Team - classroom, athletic, or faculty space, can be converted into a repeatable template.


Pages, web parts, content are pre-configured and ready to use. Any site (Landing Pages, Team, Project, Hub and Communication Sites) can be converted into a repeatable template.

Students digital workspace

For students​

  • Consistent learning from class to class, grade to grade.
  • Interesting, fun and accessible team-building spaces.
  • Accessibility for students of all abilities, beyond what is available out of the box.

For teachers

  • Ready-to-go classroom teams with class plans, assignments and students.
  • Deliver excellence in remote learning with templates that draw upon the experience of your best educators and offload the burden on individual teachers.
  • Updates to curriculum, automatically delivered.​ Standardized instruction, supported by technology.
Digital workspaces for teachers
Digital workspaces tailored for administrators needs

For administrators

  • A branded Office 365 school intranet, easily maintained by staff.
  • Onboard new classroom teams (or update existing ones) across your school or school district at one time, in a fraction of the time.​
  • And…you don’t need to be a Team Owner – the SharePoint admin can do it.​
  • Push fresh content, new curriculum and updates to classrooms across your school or school district at one time.

Customer Story: Newham College

From “zero skills”, to rolling out an intranet that was showcased to 14 colleges in the UK, Newham College went on to receive academic standing from the OFSTED - Office for Standards in Education - in large part because of their intranet.
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Trusted by universities and schools worldwide

NSW Government Education
University of Sydney
Omaha Public Schools
Singapore Institute of Technology
University of Brighton

Education features

An extensive set of features to maximize adoption for everyone in the education ecosystem.

Powerful design capabilities

Choose from 20+ themes to promote your school brand. Use the Magic Tool to set up custom fonts, custom CSS and much more. Change your theme as often as you like with unlimited theme subscription.

Visual, no-code Apps

Over 19+ Office 365 web parts and Microsoft Teams Apps. Connect to existing and external data sources, create custom queries, audience targeting, Microsoft Graph API integration and much more.

The fastest way to a site

Office 365 intranet sites and pages are pre-configured and ready with demo content. There’s no faster way to a school intranet. Create your own site templates and deploy them over and over across your campus or school district.

Scale up your Teams

Channels, apps and content ready-to-go. Any Microsoft Teams team can be converted into a repeatable template to be used across classrooms, schools, school districts. Quickly create new or update existing teams.

Sync with School Data Systems

Consume user data already available in Azure Active Directory, which using School Data Sync, will reflect the Student Information System classroom roster data.


Updates, maintenance are headache free. New features are delivered monthly, keeping your digital campus fresh and interesting.

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