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Education continuity through collaborative learning

Maintain instructional continuity, enable digital collaboration and support all human interactions using Microsoft Teams for Education.

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Speed-up delivery and maximize adoption

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the go-to solution for remote and hybrid learning with time-to-delivery being a crucial factor to avoid disruptions. At BindTuning, we work in partnership with Microsoft to deliver at-scale deployable solutions, enabling full digital collaboration and maximizing adoption for everyone in the school ecosystem.

Solutions for K-12

Support students, teachers, parents, clubs and sports teams, while expediting solutions delivery at scale in your school or district.
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Solutions for higher education

Install the "University Intranet" template for Office 365, to speed creation of your internal collaboration environment. Soon, also for Microsoft Teams.
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Our team will learn more about your current collaboration processes and understand your challenges and requirements. We will outline possible scenarios so you can make the most out of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in these demanding times.

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