Transform your SharePoint and Office 365 intranet into an engaging and collaborative digital workplace.

Connect with Teams.
Take collaboration to a new level.

Simple to use, powerful end-user tools for Microsoft Teams engagement and communication.

More than just chats and meetings.

Craft the user experience with functionality that is way more than basic. Bring a feature-rich experience to Microsoft Teams with social media feeds, videos, organized links, filters, colorful tiles, calendars and even industry-specific starter kits. Enrich team engagement with a frictionless user experience where collaboration is easy and governance rules.



Powerful no-code, customizable tools for Teams. Give users control to create contextual, discoverable spaces. Each customizable app can solve any number of business scenarios.


Maximize productivity

Bring content into focus. Create a less disruptive experience for your team. BindTuning apps ensure your users won’t navigate away from what you want them to see.



Eliminate Team “Sprawl”. Configurable, scalable starter kits, pre-packed with channels, tabs, apps and permissions allow for optimal control while giving users creative license.


Redefine collaboration

Leverage the full power of Office 365 with native apps that maximize the use of AI and Microsoft Graph integrations. Limitless access to third-party and external data sources, too.

Accelerate adoption,
redefine collaboration
and control governance.


Pricing that enables growth

Our flexible, annual subscription plan gives you the freedom to add just the features you need, when you need them. Microsoft Teams Add-on extends your Build subscription enabling you to create a seamless experience from SharePoint to Teams.

Included in the Teams add-on:

+18 MS Teams apps

An extensive apps gallery, provinding unlimited customization possibilities. Includes all future releases to the gallery.
Limited to one company/domain.

Teams templates

Create new teams using our sample teams templates, to quickly deploy common scenarios.

One, unified experience

Reduced learning curves by providing a consistent experience across your digital workplace. From SharePoint to Teams.

Flexibility to build immersive collaboration scenarios

  • Easy access to business applications

  • Corporate news feed

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list.

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

  • Company locations, populated from a SharePoint list

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Get answers to your unique questions, and find out why BindTuning is the right choice for your business.

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Easy for Teams

Extend your web parts usage, bringing business and productivity activities right into Microsoft Teams. Requires the Build feature.

Step 1

Activate the Teams add-on

Login to your BindTuning account. On the left panel select the Teams add-on and click the button to Activate. Once the process is completed, the add-on custom apps zip files (one per web part) are available for download.

Step 2

Upload custom apps to Teams

Open Microsoft Teams. On the left panel select Apps, and click to upload custom apps. Repeat the process for each web part to install in Teams.

Step 3

Create tabs using the apps

You're set to start building your new Teams experiences. Click the '+' button to add a new tab and select the desired app. Watch as employee productivity grows!


Repeatable, structured starter kits for Teams

Lift the restrictions to real collaboration with ready-to-launch, packaged Microsoft Team scenarios Each starter kit for Teams includes a team, channels, apps and demo content that can be configured to suit your users’ needs. In a few clicks, you have a repeatable scenario that meets your needs for structure yet gives users creative license.

educationprofessionallearningcommunity theme
Education - PLC team
educationstaff theme
Education - Staff Team
healthcarehospital theme
Healthcare - Hospital
healthcareward theme
Healthcare - Ward
retailmanagercollaboration theme
Retail - Manager Collaboration
retailstore theme
Retail - Store
smallbusinessorgwide theme
SMB - Company-Wide
smallbusinessexecutive theme
SMB - Executive Team
smallbusinessfinance theme
SMB - Finance

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