Transform your SharePoint and Office 365 intranet into an engaging and collaborative digital workplace.

Design it. An intranet shaped by your brand.

Align your intranet design to mirror your brand identity.
One, unified experience across SharePoint and Office 365.

Unlimited, brandable designs for SharePoint and Office 365

Why is intranet branding important?

If you want to differentiate your brand from the rest of the pack, then don’t settle for out-of-the-box. Branding is more than changing a few colors. Employees (your strongest brand advocates) deserve an intranet that reflects the corporate culture and identity. Build a meaningful digital workplace using powerful design capabilities.

brand your creation

Your brand, your creation

Design a perfect digital workspace themed to reflect your brand identity.

control every detail

Control every detail

Change everything from colors to font sizes, navigation and logo positioning and overall design structure.

create a consistent look and feel

Create a consistent look & feel

Get the same experience on all SharePoint versions, from on-premises to online, both classic and modern sites.

custom design

Need a custom design?

Let us create a custom theme that reflects your brand. Your mockups, your needs, your intranet with our help.

Pricing that enables growth

Our flexible, annual subscription plan gives you the freedom to add just the features you need, when you need them. Add Design, Build or Teams to your subscription, knowing you can always unsubscribe to individual features.

Included in the Design feature:

Unlimited designs

Download any theme and while your subscription is active, apply different designs to multiple intranet areas. No need for trials.
Limited to one company/domain.

Unlimited edits

Adaptable to your brand's evolution. Edit your designs as many times and whenever you need.

One, unified experience

Reduced learning curve by providing a consistent design across your intranet. From on-prem to online, classic to modern.

Easy to Design

The largest selection of SharePoint/Office 365 themes is at your fingertips. No coding or design skills needed.

Step 1

Start with one of our themes

Sign up and get started with your BindTuning account. Navigate to our extensive Themes Gallery. Select a theme that matches your desired intranet structure.

start with themes
Step 2

Customize it

It’s easy with the Magic Tool. Or apply custom CSS. Collaborate with your design team. You’re in control to change every detail to reflect your brand’s identity.

customize it
Step 3

One-click install

Really, that’s it. Maintenance is effortless. Keep track of all installed themes and get software update alerts. Design was never this easy!

one-click install

Be inspired by our

Join the growing list of brands that design their digital workspaces using BindTuning. Start with one of our suggested designs or browse through our entire gallery.

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Powerful design capabilities

Corporate Identity

Create an intranet that reflects your company's culture and identity, converting employees into brand advocats.

20+ Themes Gallery

The only provider with a gallery of base designs from which to choose, addressing your most demanding design requirements.

Define your Brand Kit

Define colors and fonts to create a consistent corporate brand. Customize once and reuse across all your sites.

Magic Tool

Instantly customize a theme by simply uploading your logo or linking to your site's public URL. The rest is magic!

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Custom Fonts

Over 900 fonts available for quick use, or the ability to upload your own for a 100% brand match.

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Rich Backgrounds

Liven up your designs by applying color, images or gradients to your backgrounds.

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Hide/show elements

Easily toggle the visibility of page elements, like sidebar, footer or breadcrumbs, for optimal screen real estate usage.

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Organize Assets

Easily organize your own images, fonts and customizations, ready to be re-used when configuring a new theme.

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Design Team

Share your designs with your teammates for a truly collaborative design process.

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Preview for classic and modern sites

Optimize your work by previewing design configurations even before installation.

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Theme capabilities

In-page editing panel

Go beyond out-of-the-box SharePoint with our in-page editing panel. Exclusive to BindTuning themes.

HTML in content areas

Ensure detailed control over final page structure with the ability to add HTML code to any content area.

Custom Code

Add custom CSS/JS to pages, even in modern SharePoint. Deep level of control, for your most demanding requirements.

Pro Navigation

Unparalleled control over navigation, supporting multiple sources (global, current, termset), also inheriting from different sites.

Extended Menu Design

Professional control over navigation design, not only with powerful mega menus, but also with detailed settings for animations and accessibility.

Compact Mode

Get some extra screen room with compact mode. Screen real estate is precious when productivity is a concern.

Extended Search

Have multiple sites use the same settings, backup settings and content, propagate content and settings to other sites.


All BindTuning themes are fully responsive and ready for mobile, for optimal usage of SharePoint & Office 365 sites on any device.

Redefine your
Digital Workplace.

Join the growing list of brands that are successfully
using BindTuning.

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