Transform your SharePoint and Office 365 intranet into an engaging and collaborative digital workplace.

Build it. Give your
out-of-the-box intranet a boost.

More than basic. Create an experience that uniquely meets the needs of your employees, department and enterprise.

Why do I need
web parts?

Good enough is just not good enough anymore. Eliminate the need for expensive, inflexible in-a-box/custom solutions or round-the-clock IT support. Leverage existing data into a smart, personalized and unified user experience that finally allows your diverse teams to collaborate.

leverage your data and processes

Leverage your data and processes

Take what you have to the next level, beyond the basics. Connect content in meaningful ways to your specific business requirements.

create limitless scenarios

Create limitless scenarios

Each web part supports any number of business requirements. Create cafeteria menus with Filters or display training sessions with Sliders. The sky is the limit!

bring people together

Bring people together

Foster cross-functional communication with a digital workplace that reflects the company culture, supports daily work and boosts user adoption.

simplify use and maintenance

Simplify use and maintenance

Built by business users, maintained by site owners. Give your users what they need: easy to use, customizable, maintenance-free tools that require no coding or IT support.

Pricing that enables growth

Our flexible, annual subscription plan gives you the freedom to add just the features you need, when you need them. Add Design, Build or Teams to your subscription, knowing you can always unsubscribe to individual features.

Included in the Build feature:

+19 web parts

An extensive web parts gallery, providing unlimited customization possibilities. Includes all future releases to the gallery.
Limited to one company/domain.

Unlimited pages/sites

Use the web parts in as many pages and sites as needed, creating unlimited experiences.

One, unified experience

Reduced learning curve by providing a consistent design across your intranet.

Easy to Build

Connecting data, processes and people could not be easier. No coding required. Advanced functionality, with minimal effort.

Step 1

Install Web Parts

Sign up and get started with your subscription based, BindTuning account. Select the web parts and deploy to your tenant in seconds (not minutes) with our super-fast, one-click installer.

Step 2

Add web parts to your page

Easily add web parts to pages by using SharePoint/Office 365 native experience. BindTuning web parts can be added side-by-side with OOTB web parts or even custom built ones.

Step 3

Customize it

User-friendly settings panels facilitate a hassle-free configuration. Connect to your lists, document libraries or external sources. Live preview while editing eliminates errors ensuring a smooth publishing.


Build amazing experiences.

Dynamic User Directories, Calendars, Image Galleries, Social Media & News, Stocks, Weather, World Time, Dynamic Lists – Accordions, Tiles and more.

Accordion webpart
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Alerts webpart
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Calendar webpart
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Documents webpart
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Filters webpart
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Image Gallery webpart
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Image Gallery
Maps webpart
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My Work webpart
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My Work
News webpart
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People webpart
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Quick Links webpart
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Quick Links
Responsive Video webpart
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Responsive Video
RSS Feed webpart
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RSS Feed
Slider webpart
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Social webpart
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Stocks Ticker webpart
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Stocks Ticker
Tiles webpart
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Weather webpart
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World Time Pro webpart
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World Time Pro

Get Started

Web Part capabilities

Build any business scenario

So, your employees crave for today’s cafeteria menu, but there is no such web part? Get the flexibility to implement any business scenario in minutes.

Connect to existing data

Don't be limited to preset web part lists or 3rd-party structures. Connect directly to your existing SharePoint lists, document libraries and calendars.

Access to external data sources

Retrieve data from external data sources like RSS feeds, social media platforms, video platforms and more, for rich content aggregation.

Custom query filtering

Powerful embedded KQL/CAML query filters allow you to pinpoint and filter precise sets of content.

Microsoft Graph API integration

By implementing the Graph API, we provide easy access to Outlook/Exchange email, calendar or OneDrive files, right inside your intranet.

Intelligent image search

Find the right image with intelligent image search. Type "outdoors", "people", or specific text to retrieve images based on their content.

Advanced performance options

Boost page performance and control with web part cache behavior with 3 available caching levels.

Audience targeting

Promote content to specific audiences in your organization. Set audience by AD group or target specific users.

Unlimited layout configurations

Don't be limited by a few preset design layouts. Craft layouts to your needs, creating experiences that drive productivity.

Inherit theme styles

Achieve a perfect, consistent, branded user experience. Web parts automatically inherit theme styles for a seamless integration.

In-page list editing

Add, edit or delete list content without ever leaving the web part. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface and direct editing tools are a huge time saver.

Easy-to-use contextual menu

All web part options feature SharePoint-style menu options, providing users with a familiar interface, everyone knows how to use.

Preview as you edit

Unlike other tools, where you must save to preview, BindTuning allows you to preview changes on-demand while in editing mode.

Arabic language support

Native support for Arabic language on Office 365, SharePoint and Teams, with a simple to setup toggle option.


All BindTuning web parts are fully responsive and ready for mobile, for optimal visualization on any device.

Microsoft Teams Ready

The web parts you love in SharePoint, are also available for Teams. Check our web parts Teams add-on.

Redefine your
Digital Workplace.

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using BindTuning.

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