There are dozens of SharePoint web part examples out there to help you create great intranet experiences. However, if you are specifically looking for intuitive web parts that also support any business scenario then we are going to keep the options short for you. Here are 7 powerful web parts to help you not only design amazing SharePoint pages but also support people delivering their best at work.

In this article, we will walk you through all the features of 7 modern web parts (and 2 additional ones to keep an eye on 😉) that will support every line manager to deliver unforgettable digital EX: Celebrations, Lists, Script Editor, Quick Links, Image Gallery, Title and Divider.

As we are constantly evolving with the feedback from our loyal community, we will also give you a sneak peek at some of the features that will soon be released.

1. Celebrations web part

Drive employee engagement by giving everyone special attention on their birthday and work anniversaries. Create an employee birthday board to celebrate important dates on your SharePoint intranet. Learn how to update those using Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Lists.

  • Display people data from a list or from Azure AD
  • SharePoint Audience targeting, by groups or users
  • Multiple design layouts and colors
  • Congratulate your colleagues via email, MS Teams Cards (Praises) and Chat
  • NEW! Use search and filter capabilities to find a specific person or everyone in a specific department
    • Option to set reminders and alerts
    • Sorting capabilities
    • Pagination

2. Lists web part

Make your SharePoint lists immediately accessible, regardless of data source. Eye-catching layouts, smart filtering and SharePoint audience targeting.

  • Display list data from a variety of sources
  • 2-level audience targeting SharePoint, at web part and item levels
  • Search, sort, and filter large volumes of list data
  • Multiple design layouts, icons, and colors
  • Smart formatting based on data type
  • NEW! New capability to (un)select multiple filters or all option boxes

3. Script Editor web part

A customer favorite, Script Editor web part allows you to drop arbitrary script or HTML right on a modern page. Which means you can literally add whatever you want to your SharePoint pages with our editor.

  • Add custom scripts and styles to a Modern SharePoint
  • Both technical & non-technical users can add scripts
  • Style your page with widgets adjusted to your needs
  • Choose how you want to receive alert messages

4. Quick Links web part

With a SharePoint Quick Links web part you can easily add a hyperlinks section to your SharePoint pages, with a variety of layouts, and source them from any existing list.

  • Display links from any SharePoint list
  • SharePoint Audience targeting, by groups or users
  • Multiple design layouts and colors
  • Smart icon selection based on the type of link
  • NEW! Added enhanced sorting and searching capabilities
    • New display options: Grid, Slider, Paging
    • Filtering capabilities
    • New layout: Thumbnail + description

5. Image Gallery web part

Share collections of images on your pages, with multiple customization options.

  • Different types of data sources available to choose from
  • SharePoint Audience targeting, by groups or users
  • Folder support and breadcrumb navigation
  • Combine both photos and videos
  • Pagination available
  • NEW! Layouts can display folders names
  • NEW! Activated search for file names as default search criteria
  • NEW! Added Upload Button
    • Capability to create a library from this web part
    • Upload images with drag and drop
    • Image Size Optimization
    • Option to set reminders and alerts

6. Title and 7. Divider web parts

Add visual elements to your SharePoint pages that create clear breaks between content areas, while keeping consistency within your branding guidelines.

  • 6 different designs and styles
    • Smooth transition of black background color
    • Improved styles consistency with other BindTuning Web Parts

More Modern web parts

All these SharePoint web parts are part of the Intranet subscription. Soon new web parts such as People and Document will be released but stay tuned! We are continuously making improvements across all our list of web parts.

The future of work keeps evolving, and so do we.

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