World Time Pro

Transform your intranet into a connect workplace with our user-configurable world clock.

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Say goodbye to confusing time zone maps and converters

World Time Pro enhances any intranet experience with an incredibly helpful feature - a customizable world clock. Indispensable for any company with users across multiple time zones (like our own).

Each user is able to set up the time zones they want to see on the paged. Not just their current time, but time zones for remote team members, partners, clients, even family. No adding/subtracting hours to figure out if it is too early or late to schedule a call. With 12-24 hour formats and a variety of digital and analog skins.

World Time Pro content
  • Supports all SharePoint Versions
  • Customizable
  • Future updates
  • Continuous Software Assurance
  • SharePoint seats based subscription
  • Licensed per domain
  • Not for resale
  • Not sold individually

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Powerful features for all your UX needs

One, unified experience

{{ !== 'me' ? 'A seamless and unified UX/UI across all major SharePoint versions, including SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, Office 365 (both classic and modern) and Microsoft Teams.' : 'A seamless and unified UX/UI across all major SharePoint versions, including Office 365 (modern) and Microsoft Teams.'}}

Classic and Modern (SPFx) SharePoint

Build your digital workspace on both modern and classic SharePoint. With a seamless setup experience that adjusts to each environment.

Point-and-click configuration

Thanks to the built-in custom forms, you can configure and set up BindTuning web parts with simple point-and-click settings, so you don't have to change a line of code.

Simple to install, easy to use

It's as easy to install as it is to configure. Simply choose what installation you want to use—upload, click and you’re done! Or deploy it in minutes, and without leaving your desktop, with Provisioning.

Works with any master page

The web parts can be used with any master page, including SharePoint default Seattle and Oslo, or one from your existing SharePoint site.

Multi-device experience

With a consistent look that easily adapts to any device, from smartphone to tablet to desktop. For a true seamless employee experience.

Supported versions

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2019

Office 365
*Classic and Modern

MS Teams

Everything you need in one subscription

BindTuning offers a rich set of Web Parts in a single subscription package.

Your intranet. One, unified experience.

Create an engaging and collaborative digital workplace.
SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are better together with BindTuning.

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