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Create feature-rich tiled interfaces, integrating content from multiple data sources.

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Your company digital transformation starts with Tiles

Navigating the company intranet can be a data overload. Tiles reduce the visual clutter for the ultimate digital workspace experience. It strips away unnecessary data, allowing your employees to focus on just the content they need to see.
And it aligns with your brand. With built-in options that allow your creativity to flow: custom background, text and link colors, different tile sizes, front and back tile edit options and more.
Use the different types of tiles included and build your digital workspace. A single place where your employees can access all the information they need, whether it's reports, images or even your company's Twitter feed.

Tiles content
  • Supports all SharePoint Versions
  • Customizable
  • Future updates
  • Continuous Software Assurance
  • SharePoint seats based subscription
  • Licensed per domain
  • Not for resale

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Just what your intranet needs

BindTuning has an array of powerful features that will transform your platform into an essential business solution with rich and rewarding user experiences.

Classic and Modern (SPFx) SharePoint

Build your digital workspace on both modern and classic SharePoint. With a seamless setup experience that adjusts to each environment.


Thanks to the built-in custom forms, you can configure and set up BindTuning web parts with simple point-and-click settings, so you don't have to change a line of code.

Mobile ready

Responsive design is more important than ever. Your users get a consistent experience when they access their content across any type of device, from smartphone to tablet to desktop.

Works with any master page

The BindTuning web parts can be used with any master page - SharePoint default Seattle and Oslo, or one from your existing SharePoint site.

Web Parts

BindTuning offers a rich set of Web Parts for all your organization’s needs.

Breathe new life into your intranet

Get everything you need to empower your people and boost productivity, today.

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