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What can a
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Get you up and running in no time! BindTuning Starter Kits are ready-to-launch, packaged scenarios including sample pages, a theme, web parts and demo content, that can be branded and configured to suite your needs. In a few clicks you’ve got a repeatable scenario to use over and over again. Our starter kits are scalable from one to endless site collections.
Starter kits do not include licensing of themes or web parts.

  • Finance and Banking

    From assets managements portals to insurance and banking.

  • Public Sector

    Scenarios for agencies, cities, states, transportation and more.

  • Consulting and Services

    Quickly deploy new project management scenarios in minutes.

  • Energy and Engineering

    Deploy the baseline to handle locations, logistics, people and more.

  • Learning

    A cross-industry learning solution, including Microsoft 365 learning pathways content.

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

    Hospital, practice, doctor details as well as departments and investigation areas.

  • Education

    Starter kits for all education levels, from K-12 to school districts and universities.

+40 Industry starter kits

We have crafted over 40 industry-specific scenarios, which include pages, web parts and content, for both Office 365 and Teams.

Fully customizable

Every kit can be completely customized to match your brand, from theme to web parts, adjusting to your corporate identity.

Quick and scalable

Deploy demo or test sites in minutes, easily scaling the deployment of repeatable scenarios.

Available for free

Start deploying test scenarios and upgrade them to final when you're ready. Our starter kits gallery is ready-to-use so you can get started now.

Get Started

You’re one-click away from the intranet experience you’ve always imagined. Get started with a 30-day trial of any of these starter kits:

agricultureindustry template
Try it
Agriculture Industry
automotiveindustry template
Try it
Automotive Industry
aviationindustry template
Try it
Aviation Industry
bank template
Try it
cinema template
Try it
city template
Try it
clothingretail template
Try it
Clothing Retail
cosmeticsretail template
Try it
Cosmetics Retail
department template
Try it
educationprofessionallearningcommunity template
Education - PLC team
educationstaff template
Education - Staff Team
fanaticsteam template
Try it
FANatics Team
foodindustry template
Try it
Food Industry
governmentagency template
Try it
Government Agency
governmentlabs template
Try it
Government Labs
healthcarehospital template
Healthcare - Hospital
healthcareward template
Healthcare - Ward
highschool template
Try it
High School
hotelschain template
Try it
Hotels Chain
insurance template
Try it
intranetlandingpage template
Try it
Intranet Landing Page
investmentgroup template
Try it
Investment Group
lawfirm template
Try it
Law Firm
localaccommodation template
Try it
Local Accommodation
medicalgroup template
Try it
Medical Group
mortgage template
Try it
npoproject template
Try it
NPO Project
oilandgasindustry template
Try it
Oil and Gas Industry
press template
Try it
projectworkspace template
Try it
Project Workspace
publictransports template
Try it
Public Transports
retailmanagercollaboration template
Retail - Manager Collaboration
retailstore template
Retail - Store
schooldistrict template
Try it
School District
seniorliving template
Try it
Senior Living
smallbusinessorgwide template
SMB - Company-Wide
smallbusinessexecutive template
SMB - Executive Team
smallbusinessfinance template
SMB - Finance
sports template
Try it
stateportal template
Try it
State Portal
storyalslitepreview template
Storyals Lite Preview
techconsulting template
Try it
Tech Consulting
technicalservices template
Try it
Technical Services
universityintranet template
Try it
University Intranet

Build Your Own Starter Kit

Package your custom solution for rapid deployment at scale, in SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams.

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What's the difference between a Starter Kit and a Theme?
Although they may look similar on a single screenshot, they are actually very different. A theme is a set of assets that formats an existing site's base style, like colors, font families, top navigation and footer. A starter kit is a ready-made, micro site. The package, when deployed, will create multiple site pages, install web parts, add demo content and apply a theme (for styling).
What does a Starter Kit include?
Each starter kit includes several elements that will be added to an Office365 site or to a Teams team, depending on the type of kit. For Office 365, starter kits can include: a theme (for styling), web parts (for functionality), multiple pages to be created, web parts definitions and settings, and demo content and lists for each area on every page. Some kits may include less elements, or even be based on OOTB Office 365 functionality, just creating pages structure and adding content. For Microsoft Teams, kits can include channels, tabs, apps, demo content and lists, user permissions and much more.
For which Microsoft platforms do you have Starter Kits?
Our starter kits are designed specifically for either Office 365 or Microsoft Teams and what they include is aligned accordingly. In addition, each kit is uniquely designed for the purpose it was designed. Some kits may include more or less features, or even be based on OOTB Office 365 functionality with page structures for added content. Each Office 365 starter kit may include a theme (for branding), web parts (for functionality), multiple pages, web part definitions/settings, and demo content and lists for each area on every page. Microsoft Teams starter kits may include channels, tabs, apps (for functionality), pre-defined user permissions and demo content and lists. Be sure to check each starter kit to see what’s included.
Is it easy to build a new site using a Starter Kit?
Yes, it is very simple. All starter kits are deployed with one click using our automated provisioning engine. Starter Kit deployment takes about 15 minutes, since multiple elements are concurrently provisioned. After deployed, you will have a base structure ready for you to build upon. You can then edit the web parts to read data from your own data sources, you can add new pages and set up new functionality using the installed web parts.
Do you offer services if I need help?
Yes we do. BindTuning provides specialized development services to help you on your most demanding projects. We can also recommend partners, that can provide the same level of service, but locally in your region.
As a services provider, how can I use the kits to showcase my services?
We understand how demanding the market is, and how it is sometimes hard to show the potential of a service on a pre-sales stage. By deploying a Starter Kit, you can easily showcase a working scenario for a specific industry. An added plus - deploying a solution that is already styled to your customer's brand identity! Start winning more customers today, learn about our Partners Program.
As an ISV, can I create Starter Kits based on my own products?
Yes, you can! BindTuning has the only solution in the market today that will allow you to easily create deployable templates, converting a bespoke product into a repeatable, scalable solution. Read more about Automate365, or schedule a demo now to learn more.
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