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Partner Network

We partner with organizations that offer help in designing, building and deploying intranets that foster collaboration and end-user adoption. Our global partner network can assist you in every facet of intranet services – from branding, site development to configuration services.

Together we can help you build the workplace of the future.

Access to the Partner Central is exclusive to current partners.

  • BindTuning Insider Program

  • Partner Teams Channel

  • Maximize end-user adoption

  • Live Q & A Sessions

  • Partner Support

  • BETA software program

  • Yammer Group

Connect with our trusted network of partners and get a boost for your intranet projects. Over +100 partners in over +30 countries worldwide.

Enrich your branding services, speed up site development and increase your profit today.

  • Speed-up site development

  • Build no-code solutions for tricky UX challenges

  • Maximize end-user adoption

  • Create custom branded demos with a few clicks

  • Add recurring revenue to your service offerings

Get exclusive access to resources and benefits, plus a direct line to the BindTuning team.

  • Full access to Internal Usage Rights (IUR) for all products

  • Exclusive on-demand partner training sessions

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Priority support from our technical and sales teams

  • Revenue sharing

  • Recurring revenue through license renewals

  • Go-to-market support from our marketing team

What our partners have to say

  • about-quotes

    We believe that partnering with BindTuning only helps each side of the partnership grow. By partnering with BindTuning we have grown our relationship and it shows when it comes to our customers satisfaction. We get quick support and guidance when needed to help put our customers’ needs first in line. We in turn also are the users of the products so we can provide instant feedback.

    Zach Welding

    Zach Welding

    BlueNet, US

  • Q

    Finding a partner to help us deliver beautiful looking Intranets that complimented and not hinder our ability to produce great solutions looked to be impossible, until we discovered BindTuning. Their perfectly crafted themes and components delivered to Microsoft’s best practices allows us to customise all the standard features of SharePoint, and have them presented to our clients elegantly, and on any device.

    Kevin Rowland

    Kevin Rowland

    HappyWired, UK

  • We used to customize lots of Masterpages for our customers on-premise and in the cloud. With the rapid changes in Office 365 it was very difficult to maintain the Masterpages without breaking them (…) We were looking for a design partner to offer a "safer" way to deploy themes in SharePoint Online (and) BindTuning was the only company focusing in CSS only themes (…) they offer exactly what we need for our clients.

    Michael Nguyen

    Michael Lau

    iOZ, CH