New Feature

This week we expanded our theme platform offering to include support for SharePoint CSS Themes for the Modern Experience. It is worth noting that when you purchase our SharePoint CSS only Modern themes you get both - classic and modern versions. This ensures the same user experience will be globally applied across all of your SharePoint sites. As far as usability, it's huge - users won’t notice a difference between classic and modern sites as there will be consistency between SharePoint pages and sites.

Features specific to the SharePoint CSS-only Modern Themes include:

  • Custom Header and Footer
  • Custom Footer Zones
  • Collapsible Footer
  • Custom interface to manage theme settings
  • Visual identity propagated across modern and classic SharePoint

Useful Articles

These articles shed some additional light on branding for Modern SharePoint. We encourage you to read them:

Get Started

Visit our Themes Gallery to get started with SharePoint CSS Modern themes. All you have to do is pick a theme, start a trial. You'll immediately launch The Builder, allowing you to customize the look of your theme for a 30 day trial. For additional information about CSS only themes, visit our Help Center, where you'll find release notes and lots of useful information.