Scottish Summit will be taking place in Glasgow for this 2020 edition. On the 29th of February our CTO, Carlos Miguel Silva will be speaking about Star Trek: A journey into the future of Web Parts.

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Star Trek: A journey into the future of Web Parts

When we think of technological processes that provide intellectual devices to machines, we usually think of Artificial Intelligence. In short, the ability of machines to "think for themselves" and perform tasks independently - or at least without direct participation of humans.

However, when it comes of the development of applications focused on the user as opposed to the execution of a function by the machine, we've the Cognitive Services. Something very close to what we saw in futuristic series like the Star Trek. Well, actually, much more advanced.

With SPFx, Microsoft Graph and Cognitive Service that Future is now!

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About Scottish Summit

FREE event from the Microsoft community. Level 100 - 400 tracks in Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure, Big Data, O365, SharePoint & Personal Skills. This event provides technical session led by Microsoft experts and your community.

Who should attend?

Since it's a free event from Microsoft all the people interested in making connections that lead to new business are welcome.And of course to create relationships with Microsoft field team members. Don't miss the chance of get a glimpse on these sessions from the industry experts.

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