BindTuning, a trailblazer in Microsoft 365 solutions, introduces a groundbreaking era in workspace management with the upgrade of its BindTuning App.

With a rich history of empowering Microsoft 365 users since 2015, the BindTuning App, delivers unparalleled flexibility, advanced features, and robust governance-centric lifecycle management. These innovations not only elevate user adoption but also establish a new standard for enterprise-grade security and compliance adherence.

"We understand the critical need for structured collaboration, information sharing, and compliance, and our new user experience is meticulously designed to address these needs."
Beatriz Oliveira, CEO and Founder, BindTuning.

The core of the new user experience revolves around a governance-centric approach, placing strategic emphasis on providing users with a structured framework guided by corporate IT.

BindTuning app

The entire BindTuning platform, from flagship Automate365 to the comprehensive suite of Intranet products, is seamlessly woven into the app, ensuring a cohesive and controlled digital environment.

Key improvements include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Governance and Lifecycle Management: Introduction of multiple, robust governance features to empower organizations with enhanced control over workspaces throughout their lifecycle.
  • Expanded 3rd Party Self-Service Integrations: Significantly broadened support for 3rd party self-service integrations, including seamless compatibility with popular platforms like ServiceNow, JIRA, and Zendesk.
  • Enhanced Data-Driven Provisioning Integrations: Native support for key data-driven provisioning integrations, such as Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint, providing users with a unified and streamlined experience.
  • Augmented Template Creation Features: Expanded template creation capabilities, featuring support for hub sites, integration of document templates, and more, facilitating the creation of tailored and standardized workspaces.
  • Selective Provisioning for Precision: Introduction of selective provisioning, allowing users to precisely identify and clone specific elements, ensuring a clearer and more efficient replication of desired workspace components.
  • Optimized Mass Provisioning Performance: Implementation of performance enhancements specifically designed to ensure optimal speed and efficiency during mass provisioning, catering to the needs of organizations with extensive workspace requirements.

Launched in 2018, Automate365 is the foundation of the new experience, providing a robust provisioning and governance platform that leverages workspace creation automation for enterprise-level organizations. Automate365 empowers IT Administrators with powerful tools to govern and define new workspace requests, while giving end users an in-app request experience that is fluid, powerful, and most importantly, simple-to-use.

Current Automate365 customers will be greeted with enhanced Governance and Lifecycle Management features, such as privacy levels, metadata, rules and naming conventions, and policies for expirations, workflow approvals, external sharing.

"Essential guardrails aligned with corporate governance standards"

Breaking free from conventional constraints, users now confidently provision workspaces using meticulously crafted best-practice templates. This process, embedded within secure and compliant procedures, facilitates rapid deployment within minutes while enforcing stringent governance throughout the entire lifecycle.

Beatriz Oliveira, CEO, and Founder of BindTuning, underscores the transformative impact on end-users: "Our users not only gain instant access to structured workspaces, standardized data, and user controls but also benefit from essential guardrails aligned with corporate governance standards. We understand the critical need for structured collaboration, information sharing, and compliance, and our new user experience is meticulously designed to address these needs."

The user-friendly interface is complemented by an intuitive visual experience, ensuring immediate familiarity. End-user personalization empowers users to save and reuse spaces, all while IT retains granular control over user access, mitigating sprawl and fortifying an environment of efficient collaboration within the bounds of corporate governance.

Key Features of the BindTuning App:

  • A complete redesign of the BindTuning App experience,
  • New and extended template creation capabilities,
  • Optimized installation of products,
  • Improved workspaces and teammates management,
  • ...and more.

Get started with the BindTuning App

General Availability of the BindTuning App will be available in early 2024. However, the Beta release of the BindTuning App will be made available, to a select group of users, through invitation only. This group will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the app's governance-centric experience. To express interest in gaining early access and receive timely updates, please request early access, on this page.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions.