by BindTuning

Create Beauty in the Dark

Welcome to the Dark side. A graceful change in direction and context for beautiful sophisticated sites. Once you’ve come to the Dark side, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. Go bold. Go elegant. Go dark.

Dark Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

Dark has Parallax scrolling built in for that extra "Wow!" effect. Increase reader interest by adding depth and dimension to your site. It's incredibly easy to apply and you can use it anywhere!

Dark Typography

Gorgeous Typography

We've optimized text legibility against a dark background by fine-tuning the level of contrast, the spacing and the typefaces. Combine the style and sophistication of a Dark theme with text that’s easy to read.

Dark Design

Ultra-lightweight dark design

This Dark is as light as shadow and just as intriguing. Its unique style makes any website stand out while keeping the simplicity and elegance you need for truly beautiful design.

Orchard features

Support for the Blog module

One of the most popular Orchard modules, the Blog module, allows you to communicate your news more effectively.This theme includes special formatting styles for the Blog module, for both the blog list as well as for blog post details.
View sample blog list
View a blog post

Page titles styling

Orchard Page Titles can easily be added to websites, creating more structured pages and improving SEO. This theme includes special formatting for the page titles.
View page titles

Flexible and responsive zones structure

Take advantage of an extremely flexible zones structure, including multiple areas to easily arrange and organize content.
View zones structure

Framework features

Mobile Ready

  • Built with Bootstrap3
  • Fluid grid system
  • Responsive design


  • Both horizontal and vertical
  • Megamenu
  • Accordion

Global elements

  • Typography elements
  • Form elements
  • Button styles


  • Responsive carousel
  • Code added as HTML


  • Collapsible component with multiple items
  • Supports single toggle element


  • Easy to add modal pop-up
  • Support for small, medium and large sizes

Graphic Elements

  • Badges & Labels
  • Message boxes
  • Progress bars
  • Tooltips & popovers


  • Responsive images
  • Image shapes and alignment
  • Responsive video


  • 580+ FontAwesome icons
  • Multiple icon sizes
  • Animated icons

SEO optimized

Cross-browser compatible

Extensively documented

Trace Vertical Response Emails