use your favorite video sources inside sharepoint

Use your favorite video sources

With BindTuning’s Responsive Video Web Part you can display videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo just by pasting a URL. It’s that simple.

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connect your office 365 video gallery

Integrate with Office365 Video Portal

Leverage the power of images by connecting to your Office 365 video gallery. Use BindTuning’s Responsive Video Web Part to retrieve those videos and play them separately in any page, on any device, at any time. Really.

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sharepoint video web part

Watch crystal clear videos anytime, anywhere.

With BindTuning’s Responsive Video Web Part your videos adapt to any screen size automatically. That means site users see crystal-clear videos anytime, anywhere. You never have to worry about images being cropped or distorted.

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More Amazing Features

Mobile ready

Your mobile users get the same rich experience wherever they are. We have you covered when they’re traveling, working from home, or catching up during the big game. BindTuning’s Responsive Video Web part is fully responsive. Plus, we’ve already worked through all screen sizes to guarantee that mobile users can see content well, regardless of whether they using a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Custom forms

BindTuning’s custom forms make adding videos both simple and intuitive. These forms are elegant and carefully thought-out to give your SharePoint site a beautiful appearance.

Works with any master page

The BindTuning Responsive Video Web Part can be used with any SharePoint master page, so you can apply it to your existing site or use it with the Seattle master page.

Easy to use and configure

We’ve made BindTuning’s Responsive Video Web Part simple to install and configure so you’ll have it up and running in just minutes. No coding, no sweat.

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