Your news, how you want them

Create custom news sections in SharePoint with the new Condensed,
a one-of-a-kind layout for BindTuning News web part. Grab content from any SharePoint list and customize how your news appear on the page.  

Start with a layout 

With a basic yet complex design, the new Condensed layout is the perfect starting point. And with 5 other layouts and more design options that you get to customize, the News web part gives you all the flexibility you need to create professional-looking news feeds no matter your skill level.  


Grab external newsfeeds or use your own lists  

You choose! With Microsoft Flow and the News web part, you can dynamically show newsfeeds from multiple external sources. You can also add content from your own lists and filter through your list views using our filtering option.   


Organize it your way 

Organize how your news appear on the page, using custom categories and color coding. Choose a default category or simply create your own, set different colors and add custom icons for each category and get things even more organized. 


Map out your content

With an integrated mapping option, you can choose what content goes where. Filter through your list views or use CAML query and then map out your list columns and let the web part know what are your news titles, images URLs...We do the rest.


Need a hand getting started? We can help!