Create your own custom maps in SharePoint, now with an open data license.

Design your own custom maps view in SharePoint with BindTuning Maps web parts and now  easily add them using the free OpenStreetMap.

Completely control the map experience

Create your own custom map markers, adjust the maps view size from within the editor form and set a different variety of custom settings. Same flexible design options, just more maps providers to choose from.


Free and fully integrated with Maps web part

OpenStreetMap is completely free, no matter your site type or the number of users who access it. And now it's fully integrated with the Maps Web Part. Choose between Google Maps or OpenStreetMap and start adding maps!


Set it up in minutes

Setting BindTuning Maps web part with OpenStreetMap is as easy as setting it with Google Maps. Once you set up the web part and choose Open Street as your maps provider, you can start adding your custom map locations. No complex setups required.


According to the new Google Maps licensing, all sites that are only accessible within a company, or intranets, are obligated to acquire a Google Maps premium plan license. If you are using Google Maps as your Maps web part provider make sure you change your provider to a new one or acquire the Google Maps premium plan license. Google Maps remains free for public websites.

Need a hand getting started? We can help!