Professional-looking navigation, all the way

Now supporting more menu styles and animations, with new customization options,
the new menu for BindTuning themes suits the most demanding requirements.

Menus you know and love

Dynamic and beautiful navigation is just a few clicks away.

100% customizable,
just how you like it

With new advanced customization options, you can entirely change your site’s navigation behavior. Set a collapse menu for a phone or tablet view, set an off canvas for a more dynamic menu, change the animations speed, set the maximum allowed menu items.

BindTuning Bind Menu Mobile Off Canvas

We do the heavy lifting

The menu adapts to the structure of your website navigation. It automatically displays a megamenu structure when nested sub items are present, or a regular drop-down sub-navigation, when only one sub level is present.

BindTuning Bind Menu with Mega Menu Feature

Do more for your site’s navigation.
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