Get instant branding with BindTuning’s Magic Tool

Have you ever dreamt how amazing it would be if you could brand
your website with one single click, like if you had a magic wand?

In a snap, like magic

No time for long customizations? The Magic Tool does the job with just one click.

Match a Logo

Upload a logo and instantly create a scheme based on the logo’s colors. It’s that simple.

Match a website

Create a website as awesome and beautiful as the one you just admired.

Beautiful Backgrounds

Create amazing backgrounds using our extensive set of options, from colors to gradients to images.

Image drag-and-drop

Drag and drop your own images easily. Apply new backgrounds. Set your creativity free.

Background gradients

Build background gradients on the fly by simply selecting two colors from the chart.

Images Gallery

Open up our vast gallery of images, overlays and patterns, or even upload your own.

The Magic starts here

Click to release
your creative genie

We kicked the devil from the details.
You get full control over text.

Do you obsess over detail? Insist on perfection? Sweat the small stuff?
You control every detail, not matter how small when formatting text and typography.

600+ Web Fonts

Access a huge selection of fonts suitable for any design, business or industry. They are categorized and searchable for convenient reference.

Set font sizes

Set the right size for your new website with different units available from pix to em.

Adjust text colors

Manage every detail from general text, links, and hovered links to headings. You name it and we’ve got you covered.

Adjust structural elements

Wait, there’s more! You can use BindTuning’s Builder to take control
of the structural elements of your pages.

Set page width

Set the width of your pages with our smart slider. It’s easy and you can choose fixed or fluid widths.

Select / unselect tokens

Adding and removing features is so simple anyone can do it. Just check to add Breadcrumbs, Language, Login, Copyright, Search, and many other tokens.

Customize page sections

Adjust the look of every area from header to footer, sliders to navigation, titles and more.

Make your website design devilishly easy.

Click to take control
of the details

One design for every browser and device

Responsive development is another kind of magic, one that saves you time and money.

Preview in all devices

Preview your creative new designs in different screen sizes that include desktop, tablet, and phone.

Dock / undock panel

To see that preview better or to customize your design on smaller screens, just dock or undock the Builder panel.

Cross-browser compatible

BindTuning tests themes extensively on all major browsers. Here’s the list.

Productivity tools

You get loads of cool tools to help you work better and faster – as well as to collaborate with team members and customers.

Save customizations

The creative process hits multiple iterations of ideas and approaches back and forth across the net. You can save your work easily and re-apply the designs later on.

Share and collaborate

Easily share your work with your customers and team members, and get their feedback faster.

Know when you’re at risk

The Builder panel tells you visually whether your work is safe – or not.

Keyboard shortcuts

Several keyboard shortcuts take your productivity into the fast lane.

Undo / redo actions

Don’t worry if you made a mistake. We keep track of all your actions so you can redo steps or revert to an earlier version.

Start all over

It’s easy to start over at any time. One button takes you back to the default template.